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Teachers notes: William Bligh’s notebook

Earth and Beyond

A student:

  • locates and describes features of our universe, e.g. stars, planets, comets, meteors, galaxies and constellations.

Life and Living

A student:

  • explains the major systems of living things and the ways that they function, e.g. describes the way blood flows in animals and water moves in plants.

Natural and Processed Material

A student:

  • identifies the factors that influence the choice of certain materials for particular purposes, e.g. explores the special qualities of plastics and discusses why they have so many uses.
  • recognises and describes conditions that influence reactions and changes in materials, e.g. what causes rusting, discolouration of cut fruits, and the rising of bread dough.

Breadfruit was a staple food in many tropical regions.


  • Describe the many uses breadfruit has.
  • Describe the origin and distribution of breadfruit.
  • What climate and soil does it need?
  • How it is propagated?
  • What are its medicinal uses?
  • What does breadfruit taste like?
  • How can it be prepared?
  • In what parts of the world is it found?


  • The Polynesians were also skilled navigators. How did they navigate the open sea? What do sailors use today to navigate?
  • Bligh was a skilled navigator. What did he use to locate his position and to chart the Fiji islands during the day and at night?
  • Watch one of the many films of the Mutiny on the Bounty. List all the scientific innovations available today that could have assisted Bligh in his plight.