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Teachers notes: Qantas logbook

Time, Continuity and Change

A student:

  • describes the significant ideas, people or events that have contributed to Australian identity.
  • analyses how periods of time in history are used to identify ideas and place events, e.g. places developments in medical science according to the centuries in which they happened.
  • examines and explains how people may think differently about the same event or issue, e.g. compares the reasons people voted for the same candidate in an election.

New industries often have difficulties at first getting off the ground. Commercial air travel was no different.


  • What impact did the introduction of jet engines have on commercial travel and the tourism industry?
  • How important was the military concern for defence in the growth of aviation? Discuss in reference to World War I and World War II.


It is said that the history of civilisation is the history of transportation. Create a transportation timeline that includes the introduction of: passenger shipping, motor vehicles, railways, aeroplanes and space rockets.