National Library of Australia


Many organisations and staff have been involved in the successful development of the National Treasures from Australia’s Great Libraries exhibition over a number of years. We would particularly like to thank the following for their support and encouragement:

Council of Australian State Libraries (CASL): for promoting the idea to showcase ‘Australian Treasures’ in early 2002, and for providing the National Library’s Exhibitions team with the opportunity to curate and manage this ambitious touring exhibition. CASL entrusted the regular oversight of this project to the CASL Public Programs and Communications Working Group.


CASL Libraries:

Australian Capital Territory Heritage Library
National Library of Australia
Northern Territory Library
State Library of New South Wales
State Library of Queensland
State Library of South Australia
State Library of Tasmania
State Library of Victoria
Western Australian Museum

Private lenders:

The late Dr Bruce Reid, AM, KNO
The Boyle family
National Portrait Gallery

CASL libraries’ Collections, Preservation, Imaging, Exhibitions and Installation teams: for their prompt and professional advice and action.

National Treasures Exhibition Advisory Group: Andrew Piper of the State Library of South Australia; Richard Neville of the State Library of New South Wales; Tony Marshall of the State Library of Tasmania; Tim Fisher, formerly of the National Library; and more recently Martin Terry, one of the National Library’s exhibition curators.

National Gallery of Australia: for providing Managing Organisation services for the administration of the exhibition’s indemnity coverage through the Commonwealth’s Art Indemnity Australia (AIA) scheme. Particular thanks should be given to the National Gallery’s Registration Team.

National Library staff: the Collection Managers and their teams; the Publications, Web Services, Education and Events teams for their work on the catalogue, website, education kit and events program; the Communications and Marketing team for their work in promoting this exhibition; the Development office for their work securing unprecedented support for a library touring exhibition; Building and Security Services for their ongoing advice and assistance; the Digitisation team for their technical advice and service; and the Exhibition Project Board, including Margy Burn and Gerry Linehan and chaired by Helen Kon.

National Library’s Exhibitions and Preservation teams: the Exhibition Project Management team lead by Nicki Mackay-Sim and assisted by Justine van Mourik and Brenda Runnegar; Ross Feller for his exhibition design; Kathie Griffiths for her graphic design work; and Rachel Spano, Chesley Engram and Rowena Jameson in Preservation Services.

We would particularly like to thank Jan Fullerton, Director-General of the National Library, and the Corporate Management Group for their enthusiasm for this project.

It has been a great pleasure to work with all these people on creating this groundbreaking exhibition, which we feel will set new standards for Australian touring exhibitions and raise the national consciousness about the extraordinary riches of Australian library collections.

Nat Williams
Director, Exhibitions Branch
National Library of Australia

Margaret Dent
Exhibition Curator, Exhibitions Branch
National Library of Australia